seshat is a logger for android. you can use it for any purposes as long as numerical values are be logged/tracked.

how it works
  1. you have something you want to log/keep track of. it can be your income/expenses. it can be the number of hours you want to meditate in a day/month/year. it can be anything which can be represented with numbers.
  2. you set a limit(or your target) value to the account. that value will become your initial balance.
  3. you keep on cutting down the balance as required.
  4. you see the transactions(logs) listed in files that are based on your renewal type. if your renewal type is daily, you'll have log files on a daily basis(assuming you make at least one transaction/day).
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-------- example

scenario: i want to read 100 pages per day (33 pages from book_1, 33 from book_2, 34 from book_3) and i also want to track the number of pages i read everyday. here's what i'll do in seshat to achieve this:

example(slf lines)